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I’m Jose Sabater Domain Investor, Sales Strategy, Creative Ideas, Project Entrepreneur for Online Business ….., the content published on this website and blog (, is written by myself.

Hello Readers of the world!

I am a domain investor, for 15 years it is a global market and difficult to cover if you cannot get a solid portfolio of domains (.Com)

Many of the domainers or domain investors, marketing departments, web design, blog, seo, sem, social networks, advertising agencies, domain managers, etc., do not know me personally for various compelling reasons that I wish you and my readers knew better before continuing that during these years I have met people and online businesses have turned their backs on me, so I will write below:

We all have health limitations that came after an accident that affected my head, not all neurons were affected, but some of them prevented me from ever speaking English and French fluently as before, or traveling more than two hours by plane, etc. . …, these Two things have influenced me a lot these years to be a very uncommunicative person with most of you and many may think and why not use the instant translation of Skype and the reason has been that I have never liked playing a cold door if you don’t know who I’m going to talk to.

Thank you, for those who have accepted and understood me.

Now is the ideal time to start and build my domain investor business, so that I know more about myself in writing content marketing …

There are many domain names all are different from the others as a whole to know what each domain can give of itself for the success of your online business and investment for whom to buy.











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