Innovative Research

Here I will write about my very advanced ideas which began to come true with the arrival of the Internet in Spain in 1996.

First I will give more details about how it all started, I was 16 years old and had started working, I liked Science, Geography, History, Music and I was very bad at math and gymnastics, I was very shy I wore custom clothes, Since he was 14 years old, he had grown overnight to reach 6 feet and 4.7717 inches from head to toe and with his arms stretched up to 7 feet and 10.4882 inches ..

My parents (Rip) had to take the tailor to make my clothes to suit me, I could not wear jeans, fashionable shirts were different from other friends my age, this lasted 2 years which were not good for me Psychologically, he was treated by the students as a person of a rare human species, in those years in Spain the average was 5 feet and 2.9921 inches they were short in stature.

When I finished studying Commerce I wanted to study science but I had to do 6 years of high school with many subjects in the same religious school, very normal in the years of the military dictatorship in Spain, religion was a compulsory subject of 1 hour a day and I had I have been studying this same Catholic religion for 9 years that I knew it by heart and I could not endure another 1200 hours of religion to be able to study science and have access to the University and I decided to work in an International Transport Agency TIR and Ship loading and unloading of Export-Import merchandise with what I earned from salary, my main hobby was music and reading science books, there was not much to choose from about science, until I found a second-hand bookstore and there I found the treasure of science to my unknown until then and buy books by authors and writers from the US and published in the same country ..

Artificial intelligence
Virtual reality
Quantum algebra
Quantum body
Interstellar space
Space raw material
Human constitution
Neural Sciences
Time science of human space


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