Personal projects

All projects come from a source of inspiration and imagination  of the creative idea of ​​any human person and when we finish it you see that it is very innovative now is the time to  put it into practice and you are looking for who can help you build a team, depending on which countries Ain past years it was very difficult to find those on duty, there was always someone on duty and he was the best of all of many that I met on July 18, 1998 at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Spain).

When I started to write my original creative idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mathematical Physics and Electromagnetic among other parts of the science that I was introducing in this great project for the Internet, they were two separate projects but at the same time it was only one, over time, aimed at the behavior of human persons and companies are very identified so that in a more distant future they continue the same as when I made this marvel for the future of science on the internet in 1996 just four months after the arrival of the Internet in Spain .

In my searches on Yahoo! to find the emotional base of the near and distant future lacking of what could be achieved with the Internet.
While I was writing, getting inside the characters that I was creating with my imagination and in turn giving life something new that I could never imagine was true.

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