Personal Projects

When I started to write my original creative idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mathematical and Electromagnetic Physics among other parts of science that I was introducing in this great project for the Internet that were two projects apart from each other but at the same time it was only one, directed to the behavior of human persons and businesses are very identified so that in the more distant future they will continue the same as when I made this marvel for the future of science on the internet in 1996

While writing I put myself inside the character that I was creating myself with my innovative imagination which was crucial to bring to life everything we want to create.

Here I will write the same thing that I feel within myself so that you, my readers, each have the sensations that come to you while reading these chapters of a long journey, I will share everything and more it will be difficult for many people and included by the experts in Science in each of its fields, how I could obtain an ending that was possible and is still possible as long as the creators are civic and not vultures.

This was my main fear that the hands of the vultures would do what should never be done with science since this last word is a good for all human beings and including nature as a whole without it we would not have science.

I do not like to be praised as a big personality since I am not this when I finish reading everything, I am a normal person who loves science and before writing about it many years passed until the Internet arrived, so I myself give thanks to This great scientist had to have this creative idea, and I myself would never have existed as a science of creative ideas because there was no Internet.

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