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About the author: Jose Sabater Domain Investor, and the content published on this website (, is written by myself.

I do not speak the English language by accident in the head that affected my neurons, only speak Spanish (EU) for contacts spoken please from Skype and Zoom.

Let’s get to the point the readers of whom there will be buyers and investors, will find Domains for sale in the Marketplace in Auction, Buy Now, Lease and Make Offer.
Many domains will be in Domain parking and Landing page, which also increase in value with more visits that they receive and make a purchase of the advertisers’ products and services, these domains are waiting for interested buyers to make an offer to the seller.

I like to reach agreements in the negotiations of the interested buyers and respond to all the inbound offers domains.

The marketing content that my readers will find will be about Domains, Industries and Sectors, Trends, Research, Science, Stock Market, Digital Marketing.

I will also be a constructive criticism of the news domain names and their global market with my readers.

Every domain has a character that over time grows and attracts visitors who are interested in buying domains that are easy to pronounce and remember, to be successful in their online business.

The characters that have influenced me the most in these years have been women and men who started online businesses from scratch with their own ideas and due to their merits they have reached the top.

The order does not alter the character due to its importance, rather I am a type of person who takes more into account the facts and the honesty that many women and men have had with myself during these years, to finish, I will publish the name and surname of each one.












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